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Friday, March 16, 2012

Taking "Buy Local" to a Whole New Level with Alpine Dog Brewing Company

“Support local businesses”: the rallying cry of the ethical consumer.  Forgo Wal-Mart, they say, and visit the little shop on the corner.  Shun King Soopers; instead, check out the neighborhood farmer’s market.  Going to McDonald's?  You'll find a tastier meat sandwich at Highland Tap & Burger.  The same sentiment can be applied to beer.  Why are you drinking Guinness when Left Hand’s Milk Stout is readily available?  Who needs Corona when Ska’s Mexican Logger is close at hand?  Jonesin’ for a Bud Light Lime?  Here, I have a locally-harvested bucket of liquid cow s*** to slake your thirst. 

Yes, it’s a good idea to buy local beer no matter where you live but Colorado takes it a step further; instead of buying at local breweries, we buy in to local breweries.  Introducing Alpine Dog Brewing Company, an upcoming brewery that’ll do more than serve you beer—it’ll make you part of the company. 

Last Tuesday, after a brief business meeting with my sister at Ale House at Amato’s, I sat down with Gardiner Hammond, 26, the man behind Alpine Dog.  Hammond is looking to make some high-quality ales to satisfy Colorado’s discriminating taste but he’s run into a problem: Alpine Dog has neither a location nor a brewing system.  That’s where you, local beer lover, come in.   

Go to Alpine Dog’s Kickstarter.com page now and give generously to this business venture.  Not too keen on throwing your money around?  Don’t worry, Hammond is no bum and he isn’t looking for hand-outs—he’s looking for a mutually beneficial situation.  You see, depending on how liberal you are with your cash, you can earn prizes of increasing quality.  If, for example, money is tight and you can only donate $5 then you will receive a complimentary Alpine Dog sticker.  If, however, your rich uncle just died and bequeathed you a hefty sum, you might consider donating $5,000 thus giving you the opportunity to brew a commercial-sized batch of beer on the Alpine Dog system (Hammond’s shooting for 7 barrels) to be served in the taproom.  What’s more, those who contribute higher amounts also receive every prize given to those who donated less.  That is to say, you could get a batch of beer, a sticker, and everything in between (bottle opener, shirt, pint glass, contributors-only opening party…etc.).  For more details on the prizes, visit the brewery’s Kickstarter.com page

So, what exactly are you financing?  When Alpine Dog opens its doors (likely in the Highlands or Capitol Hill), you can expect a taproom that is all-out Colorado; rustic, cozy, log cabin-esque.  You can also expect a variety of beers but a special emphasis on big, bitter hops since Stone Brewing Co.’s Arrogant Bastard was one of the beers that initially turned Hammond on to craft beer culture.  There will also be numerous Belgian-style beers from which to choose.  Perhaps, in the future, Alpine Dog might also sponsor a mountain bike and ski/snowboard club but let’s not get ahead of ourselves; right now, let’s just get this thing opened.

Hammond has been a homebrewer since his friend introduced him to the craft in college.  Afterwards, Hammond brewed for Old Mill Brewery & Grill in Littleton but, even with commercial-sized equipment at his fingertips, Hammond never stopped making beer at home: his homemade brews won him awards at the 2011 Colorado State Fair as well as the 2012 Big Beers Belgians & Barleywines

Hammond has previously supported beer documentaries such as Beer Hunter: The Movie and Two Girls One Pint via Kickstarter.com so won’t you embody good karma and reciprocate?  Everybody knows Colorado loves craft beer; show the world how deep our love is by helping this brewery get off the ground.  Go to the Alpine Dog Kickstarter.com page now and be a part of something big.



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  1. The Kickstarter thing worked really well for a brewery here in Chicago that just opened up. Good luck to Gardiner!