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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We're Attending the Beer Bloggers Conference this Weekend!

I normally don’t write anticipatory posts but, seeing as I’ve got a big event on the horizon, I thought it best to give you a bit of a heads up.

This weekend Nicole and I will be attending the 3rd annual Beer Bloggers Conference in Indianapolis, IN; my homestate’s capital and, in my opinion, the best American city for craft beer after the obvious i.e. Portland, San Diego, and Denver.  During the conference we will have many opportunities to write about our experiences so I encourage you to keep abreast of the activities on the Twitter feed and on the Facebook page.

We, in general, will not be making frequent updates to this blog but rather one or two big updates when all is said and through.  One exception: the Live Beer Blogging activity taking place on Friday at 5:45 Indiana-time (3:45 Colorado-time).  If you see several, very short posts pop up on this blog at that time, that’s the reason; we’ll be doing quick-and-dirty assessments of beers.  It’s like speed dating for beer reviewers. 

Until then, dear readers.



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